A Bit About Us

“[E]veryone deserves the chance to fall into a great book and get lost in the story entirely. And black youth deserve to see their lives and their voices validated not only in literature, but in the world.” 

(Naadeyah Haseeb, “here’s why black youth representation in media matters”)  


Who We Are

Young, Black & Lit was started by book lovers who understand the critical importance of reading and representation in the lives of children.  Our mission is simple - increase access to children's books that center, reflect, and affirm the experiences of Black children. 





What We Do

With your help, Young, Black & Lit connects young readers to the books that tell their stories - from the ordinary to the heroic. We partner with individuals and local organizations to give books featuring Black characters to youth for free. Culturally relevant books help youth engage with reading and help them develop a love of learning and a love of self.

The Stats



According to the Cooperative Children's Books Center, less than 13% of children’s books in the past 24 years contain multicultural content. Consequently, books representing the varied experiences of Black children are not easily found nor readily accessible for children.

Your donations help us change the narrative by putting books that validate and amplify the experiences of Black children into the hands of local youth.