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Young, Black & Lit is partnering with teachers, organizations and schools across the country to provide support for their students during this unprecedented time. We are providing books to help students and WE NEED YOUR HELP!


​How Does It Work:

1. An organizer will identify a set of books from Young, Black & Lit's Book Bank to provide (It could be a set of books for each student or a library of books for a classroom);

2. Young, Black & Lit will create a fundraising page to raise money to provide the books at no cost to the students or their families;

3. Organizers will share the page with their personal networks. Spread the word. Raise money. Reach the goal!

4. Young, Black & Lit will mail books once the fundraising goal has been met! 



Leave A Comment for Ms. Madison's Classroom!

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Mrs. Pattion's

Pre-K Class

Dunbar Elementary,

Memphis, TN

My classroom is geared to upholding a family-oriented environment in which students have fun, develop positive social skills, and take academic risks without feeling discouraged. Our students although faced with poverty and other barriers at such a young age, they are simply amazing.

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Ms. Ward's

1st Grade Class

Ralph J. Bunche Academy,

Detroit, MI

At Bunche Academy in Detroit, MI there is an amazing bunch of kiddos in Ms. Ward's first grade classroom. They work hard, they dream big, and strive to reach their highest potential. The kiddos love to be read to and enjoy reading as well. 

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Ms. Baucom's

2nd Grade Class

DC Bilingual Public Charter School,

Washington DC

I have taught 2nd grade for the past 5 years and have seen great connection with my students when they are able to see themselves in the books that they read. Enhancing my library and seeing their hopes realized is all I want for my students and their journeys through reading.

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Ms. Madison's

4th Grade Class

King Arts, Evanston, IL

Hi, my name is Ms. Madison and I am a 4th grade teacher at King Arts in Evanston, IL. I have a wonderful classroom of 16 amazing students. We love to read in room 109!

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Ms. Rodriguez's

4th Grade Class

Four Heroes Elementary,

Lakewood, WA

My 25 students come from such amazingly diverse backgrounds, and I want each of them to have an opportunity to see themselves in the books they read, and learn from the stories of others. They are curious, motivated, and deserving of every book we can put in their hands.

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Ms. Campos's

Pre-K Class

JEH Early Childhood Center, Evanston, IL

Our lovely 3, 4 and 5 young students would benefit from having two quality bilingual books, where they can see themselves reflected in the books and enjoy reading with their families at home. 

Please help us by donating any amount to Young, Black and Lit.

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Mrs. Swan's

4th Grade Class

King Arts Elementary,

Evanston, IL

Hi, my name is Carrie Swan, and I teach at King Arts in Evanston, IL. I am Evanston born and raised, and would love to see my community of family and friends support the love of reading for my students!

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Mrs. Bethea's

Kindergartner Class

Pleasant Hill Academy,

Cincinnati, OH

I teach an amazing group of 18 Kindergartners! They enjoy reading and being read to. We have a special section in our library called "Just Like Me" that mirrors the students in my class. I would love for them to have books that are "Just Like Me" with them at home as well. Thank you!

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Ms. Gregory's

Pre-K Grade Class

JEH Early Childhood Center, Evanston, IL

I have been fortunate enough to teach the best group of pre-K students around. They are loving, intelligent, kind, and very supportive of their teachers and friends. All of them love books and making up their own stories. Great literature is what has bonded us this school year.

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Ms. Tella's

Kindergarten Class

Learn 7 Elementary,

Chicago, IL

During this remote learning period, It is important to me to keep my scholars excited about reading and connected to characters that resemble them. It is my desire to provide more books for my students so that they can welcome these characters into their homes this summer! Please help us support their learning by contributing to our fundraising goal.

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Ms. Hamrick's

Kindergarten Class

C.A. Weis Elementary,

Pensacola, FL

I teach kindergarten to an amazing, and deserving group of littles who love books! Right now, many of them only have access to the 2-3 books we were able to send home with them when we started "distance learning". Getting books into their hands right now would be amazing.

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de Avila_game.jpg

Ms. de Avila's

Pre-K Classes

JEH Early Childhood Center, Evanston, IL

Welcome to our page! I’m proud to introduce my incredible group of young learners to you.  In our PreK classroom, we are continuously busy exploring together, whether it is at the science discovery table, hands deep in the sensory box, or cuddling up together with a good book.

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