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Young, Black & Lit is partnering with teachers, organizations and schools across the country to provide support for their students during this unprecedented time. We are providing books to help students and WE NEED YOUR HELP!


​How Does It Work:

1. An organizer will identify a set of books from Young, Black & Lit's Book Bank to provide (It could be a set of books for each student or a library of books for a classroom);

2. Young, Black & Lit will create a fundraising page to raise money to provide the books at no cost to the students or their families;

3. Organizers will share the page with their personal networks. Spread the word. Raise money. Reach the goal!

4. Young, Black & Lit will mail books once the fundraising goal has been met! 



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Ms. Birdsong's

2nd Grade Class

Oakhaven Elementary

Memphis, TN

My class is an intelligent and inspiring group of students. In my classroom my students support each other and take pride in showing respect and empathy towards one another. Our classroom is called, "TCB" which means taking care of business. 

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Ms. McFarlane's

Pre-K Class

JEH Early Childhood Center, Evanston, IL

My Pre-k Classroom at the JEH is a multi-cultural space. All students see themselves consistently mirrored in staff, instructional and developmental material, and experience bias-free adult interactions and curriculum. 

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Ms. Rizio's

4th Grade Class

King Arts Elementary,

Evanston, IL

I have the best group of students ever! The children in my class LOVE to read and get excited when they have the chance to get a new book! This group of students definitely likes a lot of the fantasy/sci-fi/superhero stuff (as do I!) but they also like realistic and historical fiction too. 

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