A book for all the future Creators, Leaders, Innovators, Doers, Builders, and Dreamers.This engineering inspired book is designed to introduce your child to engineering concepts they might encounter in their future endeavors and also help them learn the alphabet. Let Little Lottie share with your little one these engineering terms. For parents in the engineering industry, this book will cover some familiar terms. For other parents, this will be a great introduction to engineering. Help your kids get early exposure to Science, Technology, and Math (STEM) terms while also improving their ABCs before they even begin their first day of school. While exploring this book, you and your child will go on a learning adventure, getting an early start on recognizing challenging concepts. Each page features a letter, an engineering concept that begins with that letter, and a sentence that will correspond to the engineering concept and rhyme. This book is a good time for all, engineers and non.There will always be an abundance of books to teach our kids about sneakers, hip-hop figures, cats, and dogs. But who's going to teach them about the stuff needed to build our future? E is for Engineer is the solution, with a fun rhyming twist.Any reference contained in this book to companies, individuals, or brands does not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or approval of their reference.

E is for Engineer: ABC's for future builders