Gain recognition as an advocate for literacy.

When you become a sponsor of Young, Black & Lit, you help young readers develop a love of reading and a love of self through books. 

Our sponsorship program is an opportunity for individuals or businesses to align with a positive message and gain visibility in our community. Become a sponsor with a donation that gives you or your business year-round exposure as a supporter of literacy and representation in the media. 

Sponsors can choose between our Community or School Sponsorship Options to find the best fit for their dollars.

Community Sponsorship Options

Community sponsors have two options for making a difference:


Mini Library

Provides up to 30 books to add to the library of  a local organization serving youth



Book Fair

Provides up to 150 books to youth at a community event


Community Sponsor benefits may include: logo recognition on YB&L website and/or social media; logo recognition at community event.

School Sponsorship Options

School sponsors have three options for making a difference:


Lit Class

Provides a one time donation  of 2 books per student



Lit Summer

Provides a one time donation of 4-6 books per student to prevent summer slide



Lit Year

Provides a monthly donation of 2 books per student for the school year


Sponsorship estimation is based on donation to one classroom of 30 students. Extrapolations can be made for entire grade levels or schools. Lit Year estimation is based on a 10 month school year.

School Sponsor benefits may include: logo recognition on YB&L website and/or social media; business insert in Lit Summer Tote Bags; YB&L T-shirt; featured profile on YB&L blog and newsletter.

Become a Sponsor Today

To become a sponsor of Young, Black & Lit, complete the YB&L Sponsorship Form.  If you have any questions about our sponsorship options, please feel free to contact us at