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Young, Black & Lit is partnering with teachers across the country to provide support for their students during this unprecedented time. We are providing books to help students build their home libraries and WE NEED YOUR HELP!


​How Does It Work:

1. A teacher will identify a set of books from Young, Black & Lit's Book Bank to provide to each of their students;

2. Young, Black & Lit will create a fundraising page to raise money to provide the books at no cost to the students or their families;

3. Teachers will share the pagewith their personal networks. Spread the word. Raise money. Reach the goal!

4. Young, Black & Lit will mail books directly to each student once the fundraising goal has been met! 



About Ms. Ward's Class

At Bunche Academy in Detroit, MI there is an amazing bunch of kiddos in Ms. Ward's first grade classroom. They work hard, they dream big, and strive to reach their highest potential. The kiddos love to be read to and enjoy reading as well. Currently, they do not have access to their classroom library and the amount of books at their homes may be limited. It would be great if they can own books with African-American main characters and authors. This will support them in making text to self connections and help inspire their love of literacy.

Books for my students:

Cost Breakdown

Books                                    $188

Shipping                                  $86

Processing Fees                          $8

Total                                     $282

Value of Books Received             $296!

5 Donors


Goal     $282

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E-mail: info@youngblackandlit.org

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